By all accounts, one or more of the following things must be true about Victor D. Infante: A.) He was the swordsman-adventurer that exposed an anti-papist terror plot through a deftly worded letter to a Swiss Marxist newspaper; B.) He is a rock ’n’ roll lexicographer, studiously compiling a 17-volume dictionary of musical terms, with notations as to how the words relate to the Canadian progressive rock band Rush; C.) He is a composite persona whose writing and Internet presence is the shared creation of a dozen 16-year-old girls from Des Moines, Iowa; or D.) He is a poet, journalist, editor and all-around literary gadfly living in Worcester, Massachusetts. As with most philosophical questions, there are no correct or incorrect answers, except for perhaps, “Arnold Palmer.” Whoever he truly he is, he is probably an inveterate liar, and not to be trusted.

Victor D. Infante's poems, stories, essays and articles have been published in dozens of periodicals internationally, and he recently released his first full-length collection of poetry, City of Insomnia, from Write Bloody Publishing. At present, he is the editor-in-chief of The November 3rd Club, an online literary journal of political writing, and a copy editor for The Worcester Telegram & Gazette, where he oversees the newspaper’s “The Weekend Starts Now” e-mail newsletter of arts & entertainment events. On occasion, he contributes to OC Weekly and GotPoetry.com, sporadically hosts an online radio show, “The Eclectic Word,” for the World Wide Word Radio Network, and dabbles occasionally in writing screenplays and comic books, as if he didn’t have enough to do already.