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Politics, Current Events, and Satire [top]

Leaving Orange County
Writing, smoking and surviving the Bush Depression

It’s Puzzlementary!
Internet company linking Rocco, Kaufman claims no link between Rocco, Kaufman

Will the Real Steve Rocco Please Stand Up?
Internet mystery surrounds Orange school trustee

Wake Me When the Drug War's Over
Judge Gray pitches a sort-of legalization

Spitting Mad!
Copeland hocked a loogie for liberty--and geeks everywhere

The Druidic Candidate
Can California Deal with a Druid for Governor?

Why Don't This Druid Hit the Road?
Druidry Leads to Libetarian Bitch-Fight

Ask an Undeniably Heterosexual Boy-Scout!
Flag Etiquette!

A Slow-Paced Legal Thriller
Carmona attorney Nadia Davis keeps fighting

Weirdpolitick at the OC Fair

Tax Day
A Diary of my Pain

My So-Called Political Life
Diary of a mad Libertarian

Ed Royce is Your Friend!
But he likes bankers, too

Packard's Pork
OC congressman proposes neat idea: Let taxpayers clean up developers' messes

Jail Bird or Lab Rat?
Medical expert says Kubby should be studied, not busted

Merrill Lynch Mob
The Firm's Laguna Beach Project Backers Are Paving a Little Piece of Paradise

Animal Issues [top]

Mad Cow Deceased
Latest school-shooting victim: a steer

Santa Animal
City officials say horror stories may put an end to flawed animal-control problem

Oops! They Did It Again
Mass slaughter reveals a litany of problems at OC's least-loved pound

Free at Last! Free at -Look a Leaf!
California ferrets on the verge of amnesty

Santa Ana's Filthy Little Secret
Economy-class animal shelter pretty much guarantees Fido a one-way ticket into the next world

Helter Shelter
More true tales of animal abuse

Music [top]

Rage Against the Radio
Clear Channel's disturbing absence of disturbing music

First-Stage Alert
The Clear ain't smoggy

Pucker Up!
The weirdness of John Wilkes Kissing Booth

Business [top]

Surviving the Layoff Aftermath
Early response to the needs and concerns
of surviving employees is essential

How Casual is Business Casual?
Where do you draw the line between ripped jeans and suits?

How Dot-coms Learned To Value Tried and True
HR can create an attractive start-up environment by emphasizing learning opportunities, paying attention to individual needs, and promoting a sense of meaningful work.

Why Women Still Earn Less Than Men
Despite decades of activism in the area of women's rights, and mountains of legislation against sexual discrimination, women are still earning - on average - 79 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Men's Wearhouse
Tailored for Any Change That Retail Brings

How Cinram Hired a Heap of Help in a Hurry

The challenge: hire 500 employees in seven weeks.


Life During Wartime
Living the Writer's Life in Dubya's America

How to Succeed as a Failing Writer
It may not make you money, but maybe it'll keep you sane

A Few Kind Words for Lizzie Borden
Allyson Shaw reads at Book Soup

Jack McCarthy’s everyman poems

Wank Bush Out of Office!
Grant Morrison tells you how

Vampire Noir and Space Westerns
The hectic world of Tim Minear

The Importance of Being Lee Mallory
A meditation on the poet laureate of the middle class

‘Making Everyone Miserable With Me’
Rachel McKibbens Writes From the Other OC

Gale Force
If poetry can’t stop the war, can it at least save America’s soul?

Holding Out for a Hero
Red Sox, Comics and True Tales of Terror

Poetry In Times Like These
An Essay

Going, Going, Gone!
A new book and CD collect OC's endangered poets

The Center Cannot Hold
Slam, Academia and the Battle for America's Bourgeoisie

The Beat Goes On
Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still a rebel

Yaaay! The Death of Art!
Poetry Slam goes literary

Outlaw Poetry?
How to keep poetry's wild frontier wild

Poet Mark Strand preaches political indifference at UCI

Quickley, Now
Hurry after the revolution

The Iceworker Cometh
Andres Montoya's poems for the rest of us

Once in a Lifetime
Is Paul Suntup's life a Talking Heads song?

Etcetera [top]

‘She Saved the World a Lot’
Buffy the vampire slayer and revolutionary

A Truly Sacred Place
My weird wedding

Dull Knives, Sea Cucumbers and Bleeding Scrotums
True Tales from OC's Ambulances

Everyone's a Critic!
Cartoons, Communists and other things that upset people

London Calling
Re-creating European cities

Alien Abductions!
Recreating parodies of parodies

First Tourist
Recreating Dana's Travels

Taking a Chance
An interview with "Buffy's" Amber Benson

Hapi Accident
Each meal at Hapi Sushi is a delightful exploration of the unknown

Insane in the Membrane
How to cook Santa Monica Seafood's yummy shellfish

The Future of the Beach
An interview with Sci Fi Guru Gregory Benford

After This Life, More Work
Spirit medium Tatiana Elmanovich on your next job

Destiny Girl
What Buffy the Vampire Slayer tells us about kids today and war tomorrow