Victor D. Infante is currently working on his first comic book script, Nihilist Chic, a horror/fantasy story set against the backdrop of Orange County, California's immense wealth and its underlying punk rock scene. The story asks the question: "What happens when the person destined to save us all doesn't believe in anything?"

Synopsis: Karen Martin, the daughter of an influential Congressman, has it all: she's beautiful, intelligent and has preternaturally good fashion sense. Despite it all, however, she's developed a bleak and nihilistic worldview, spurred by her disgust at her father's corruption and Orange County's rampant materialism. Although she masks her fatalism beneath a flippant, care-free persona, every day she's sinking further and further into a morass of punk rock, drugs and petty theft, to the point where even her equally jaded friends are becoming concerned about her. Everything changes, however, when she learns of a tapestry of conspiracy and violence that surrounds her, a sequence of events that began sixty years ago and has touched both her corrupt father and her loving--if curmudgeonly--grandfather. Soon, Karen finds herself encountering a deadly assassin named Knox, a mysterious and brutal killer named Drake and Helena Androva, an FBI agent with an agenda of her own. Adrift in a world of magic and murder, Karen and her friends Lane, Cooter and Davis find themselves on the run and unsure of whom they should trust, as Karen learns that there is more to her than she ever dreamed possible.

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Fan Fiction:
Infante began writing fan fiction several years ago as a writing exercise, and-much to his own surprise-has developed a taste for it, proving that no matter how pretentious he gets, he is at heart a complete and utter dork. Here's some samples:

Conversation With the Monster

The Resurection Gambit

When You Are Tired of London

In the City